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Rapier Loom Model TY988
Model Rapier Loom TY988 With advanced Pick finding Device

Equip New Designed Take Up and Let off Device
Reed width(cm): 200cm 230cm 280cm 300cm 340cm
Speed(rpm): 240 220 210 170 150
Motor power: 2.2kw
Shedding device: GT2000 Closed Mechanism dobby or Electronic Dobby GT2003
Filling insertion mechanism: 6-lever filling insertion mechanism
Beating mechanism: 4-lever short connectors beating mechanism
Weft selecting method: 4 or 6 color Mechanism or Electronic selection
Let-off mechanism: Continuous let-off
Pick finding mechanism: Automatic pick finding
Machine control: By micro-computer control panel with LCD display
Option items:

Electronic Dobby     ● Electronic color selector     ● Tuck In device     Split Warp Beam  

1. Let-off mechanism

It’s an active continuous let-off mechanism, consisting of two parts, the friction type stopless speed changing mechanism and the warp tension feedback mechanism, which can work simulaneously with the pick finder system and keep a constant warp tension.

2. Warp stop motion

It is controlled by 6-row contact-type electronic broken warp detector.

3. Weft selection

The weft selection is carried out by the dobby levers through a connecting wheel.

4. Dobby shedding device

It’s equipped with a high speed dobby machine and 16 heddle frames, which is suitable for weaving plain, twill, small jacquard fabrics made of cotton, wool, hemp and silk.

5. Transmission mechanism

It adopts a 50kg-capacity electroic magetic clutch to control the full machine, which provides a prompt start by enabling the rotation of the crank directly.

6. Automatic pick finder

This device can reverse the weaving pick upon broken weft,  meantime, reverse the let-off and take-up mechanism via the crank, which reduces the weft bars caused by high and low weft densities, improves the fabric quality and provides a convenient operation.

7. Weft mechanism

It adopts a flexible rapier wefting motion with center connection. The griper transmission wheel, the gripper and the belt are made of high intensity, light weight and wearable materials, which are suitable for high speed working.

8. Broken weft detection mechanism

It adopts the piezoelectric sensor to detect the broken of missing weft and stop the loom promptly and send the signal to the automatic pick finder for pick finding.

9. Friction type super big fabric roller

It uses a separate fabric roller, the rolling tension is controlled by adjusting the pressing spring.

10. Take-up mechanism

It adopts separate continuous fabric roller, with a max rolling diameter of 500mm.

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